Sunday, March 25, 2007

Better Watch Out

Okay so this is the second time Mom has typed this since I just decided to help her out. Apparently I accidentally erased everything.

So Mommy has been slacking a little this month letting everyone know what I am up to, but don't be to hard on her 'cause I have kept her pretty busy.

I now have 7 teeth with one more on the way. Although this seems to have kept Mommy and Daddy up at night, I love it since it means I can eat more food. Mom is now letting me feed myself some of these Puff things and rice krispies. I even get to start eating chicken this week. I still haven't mastered the whole sippy cup thing but I do love to chew on them.

As for getting around, Mom and Dad had BETTER WATCH OUT! I am getting the hang of this getting around stuff. I can get just about anywhere scooting around on my rear, and from there I can lay myself out on my tummy and then sit myself back up. This has really made me happier since I can do more of what I want all by myself.

Check out these videos of me talking, scooting and bouncing up a storm!

Oh and as of today, Tuesday March 27, crawling.