Saturday, June 27, 2009

Competitive Butterfly Hunting

It's our first day of vacation and we're almost to the beach! The weather is AMAZIING and at least 10 degrees cooler than what we left...such a treat ;).

All the travel went great this morning and Alex has been an angelic little trooper. After we got off the plane and we're waiting on our luggage a herd of lacrosse players passed us by. Alex noticed them and cracked me up when he asked if they were off to catch butterflies with their nets.

Then and now it makes me laugh to picture this team of big bulky lacrosse players running around the field trying to beat each other to the butterflies.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can't Catch Me I'm the Gingerbread Man

I read that story to Alex last night and as I was reading I realized that it sounded like my life right now. :) Work, regardless of the fact that I work from home, has been insane lately and has culminated in my nutty week of bouncing around Texas for work events. Each day I'm somewhere else, my son is telling people I work on a plane and I am almost literally holding my breath for Saturday and the start of our vacation. I know posts have been infrequent or really nonexistent lately but hold on and I'll be back in action in a few weeks. I'm reviewing some really neat books, have discovered that even an organizing afficianado needs a little help and have plans to make ghee!

Love to all and hope your summer's are moving at a slow and relaxing pace!

Happy Fathers Day

Had a great day in relaxing after the week I had and the one that is coming!

Happy Father's Day everyone!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sorry Jessica Simpson, I should have listened to you

I never thought I would say this, but I should have listened to Jessica Simpson. From the time I was fresh out of college and living in Dallas, Jessica Simpson has been seen at all hours of the day and night promoting Proactive. I'm not a huge fan of star studded infomercials, and will actually watch far more of one if it has "the common man" I can identify with, but here I am 6 years later saying my official apologies!

A PR company contacted me and offered me a trial version of Proactive in exchange for blogging about what I thought. Sounds good to me, I thought! I'll try it out, and it surely can't be any worse than the really bad skin I was having at the time. Actually it was a great move on my part! Within a few days I could see a visible difference. My skin really did get much clearer, much smoother and my pores shrunk. Most of all I didn't see the crazy out of no where breakouts I was seeing before that. Of course I slipped and forgot to use it for a few days and IMMEDIATELY saw a resurgence of my evil acne, but the good news is that getting back on the bandwagon, got me back to my results. If you're looking for a good solution for yourself, a daughter, or a friend, this really did work for me, and I have generally tried everything in the book.

I was originally put off by the $20 price tag to try something unknown, but now having seen the results, and knowing I'm not going to be spending far more than that a month on cleanser, toner, moisturizer, cover-up, and still be frustrated, I will be much more likely to continue ordering.

My only issue at all is that I hate putting anything that's not all natural on my face. But having said that, Proactive got results when the all natural items I tried didn't, so I guess in this case the proof is in the pudding. I'm sure that my search for an all natural solution won't stop here, but until I find it, I'm quite happy with not having to wear makeup these days!

Thank you Proactive for giving me the chance to try this out!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My toddler is no more

He's morphed into a little midget man with one haircut. Eric's been trying to convince me to get Alex's hair buzzed for a while. It would be cooler and cheaper if I would let Eric do it himself. Well I compromised the other day and got the back buzzed and faded into a short top. It was bittersweet and although you can now start to see the older boy emerging, I'm quite sad that the little baby seems to be gone forever.

Thank heaven I took around 12,000 pictures over the last few years! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

are no match for children and dogs who conspire together to torture parents with sleep deprivation. :) I tried to get ahead of the curve last night and worked late into the night, knowing that Alex was off school today and I would be occupied keeping him busy today and wouldn't get my usual uninterrupted 8 hours in. Well by the time I was ready to call it a night, Alex began having nightmares about unfinished milk and needed to be consoled...I was cracking up at that point and reassuring him that he could finish his milk in the morning LOL. I came back downstairs to shut my computer down and the dogs started whining and causing a ruckus to go outside. By the time they decided to come back in (30 minutes later) Alex had picked up his crazy part of this tandem act and was back up crying again. This went on until a little after 2 when everyone settled down and I quickly grabbed a little under 4 hours of sleep. Poor Eric brought Alex to me at 6:30 and then tried to take his sick self back to bed but in my sleep deprivation cattiness I threw a fit that he thought he deserved more sleep since his 9 hours and a day of dozing gave my 4 hour sleep deprived self no sympathy. Cattiness ensued and by the time I finished making the tiny tyrant breakfast he had arrived downstairs to crash on the couch and keep an eye on things while I sit here and work to be both awake and coherent.

Here's hoping you all had more sleep than I did!
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