Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Month of Madness

To start with, it's 11:40pm, and Mom should be sleeping but isn't. Wanna know why??? Because in my obsession to "drive" anything and everything I can with Mom's keys I somehow got distracted, as curious little boys do, and misplaced Mom's keys tonight. Now I don't see what the big deal is, she knows there around here somewhere, plus these two really nice guys from Mom's work who she was supposed to go to dinner with to talk shop, hung around the house for an hour helping us look for them. We still couldn't find them after an hour, even though I kept thinking I knew where they were and would take Mom all over the house, so we moved my car-seat to their truck and went to a REALLY late dinner. I was asleep by the time we got home so Mom had to finish search on her own. After tearing the house apart AGAIN she finally located them by walking up and down the backyard in tight little rows with a flashlight. Guess she finally found that knot hole in the fence where I stuck them!


Now that that drama is over, here's what I've been up to for the last month. May 14th was Sam's last day watching me. We had a special picnic at the park, played on the playground and had a great time.





Then on May 15th I started school at Shoreline Christian School. I'm in the 18 to 24 month class and my teacher is Mrs. Rogers. She's great and is always keeping us busy doing something fun. Although I was overwhelmed at first, I made friends quickly and can now name off my classmates with no problems. I'm working on learning boundaries since I'm a loveable guy and like to kiss all the girls goodbye.


I've been there a few weeks and am now getting into the swing of things, doing better at drop-offs (I've even had one day where I didn't cry at all!) and starting to get over the sleep troubles I was having when I started. Here's a few pictures of my first day at school!





When I get home from school in the afternoons I usually hang out with Mom, helping her out in the garden. Dad wouldn't let her plant watermelon so I planted some for her and we have two baseball size watermelons getting bigger every day now. Last weekend at my Uncle Bryan's graduation party Great Aunt Sharon showed me how to pick the rosemary and smell it! MMMMMM.




We've had lots of parties in the last few weeks, Mom's memorial day BBQ, Uncle Bryan's graduation, Mother's day, and tomorrow we leave for Cousin Michelle's baby shower. In between all the fun times I learned how to play washers, got to try out the sprinkler Nana Tyler gave me, and helped Uncle Bryan polish off his cookie cake. (He wasn't going to eat it all anyways!) Although I still take a few minutes to warm up to people I haven't seen in a while I had a GREAT time seeing all the family. Here's a few pictures of the last few weeks of friends and family.


My special occasion outfit!



Trying out my new sprinkler…Thanks Nana!


Uncle Bryan and Uncle Jason were teaching me how to play washers, while Aunt Virginia cheered me on!



Teaching Uncle Jason everything I know


Uncle Bryan was nice enough to feed me more cookie cake when Mom cut me off after three pieces.


Yelling YEAH UNCLE BRYAN at graduation!

This is also when Uncle Jason asked to "babysit me" so he can pick up chicks!


The Barber Bunch …so proud of Uncle Bryan..he carried Flat Alex when he walked across stage. You can see flat Alex in the picture here, I'm holding him. He's a laminated mini me that Sam made me to trasvel around with my friends and family so they can send pictures back to me for my website and scrapbook. He's been with Dad on business trips, graduated with Uncle Bryan and has plans to go to A&M with Auntie V and skiing for Christmas!



As most of you know my Mom is a little crazy about the environment, and now she's got me in on the act. To do my part in saving the earth and being more environmentally responsible I am now a gDiapers baby. They are a flushable diaper that biodegrades in 50-100 days instead of 500 years like plastic diapers. Mom's really excited about this and my teachers at school even think I'm neat for doing it!


If you haven't been around me lately, I've started talking a blue streak, including complete sentences and appropriate responses to questions. Mom's current favorites (she's trying to figure out how to get audio clips on here) are Opps a daisy and Oh MAN!


Well it's almost tomorrow so I better hit the sack but Mom should type this up and post it right away for you guys!


Love you all,