Friday, June 29, 2007

Walking and Talking Up A Storm

A Post from Alex's Point of View:

Well, Mom has to go run an errand so unfortunately this will be short. I finally figured out what is so great about walking around, you can go so quick! It's taken me a couple of weeks but i have it now! Here's a (long) video of me playing and if you hang around long enough, walking and talking.


Looks like Photobucket cut off the part of me talking. I'll get Mom to upload a new one soon.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

My First Concert

So Dad had a comapny picnic on Saturday at the Backyard. I had so much fun. First there was tons of BBQ, beans, rolls and my new favorite, PICKLES! Then the music got started and I danced, bounced and played for hours. I also got to party hop. Everyone was set up on the grass on blankets and I kept going over to check out our neighbors. I even danced with some of them. It was to fun.

Here's the video mom got of me. I know I look kind of crazy but she had to use the nightshot to see me in the dark.

Monday, June 4, 2007

I Love the Beach

Okay so I know Mom has been a slacker and hasn't sent any updates out lately but cut her some slack, she has been busy chasing me around. We just got back from our first family vacation. Dad had to work in Miami so Mom and I tagged along so we could check out the beach.

The beach was okay but there was this weird brown stuff that I didn't like at all. I think Mom called it seaweed. YUCK. It got in the way of all my sand. I liked crawling around in the sand, and kinda liked the waves, but I got splashed in the face and kicked up a big fuss. After that it was pool time.

I met a few cute little girls, but they wouldn't share their toys and silly mom had forgotten to bring me any. I loved the pool and the sun, but didn't care to much for sleeping in the hotel. I made Mom and Dad share their bed. It was a big ole bed, a king or something. Plenty of room for all three of us. We had four different flights ( two each way) and everyone kept telling me I was so good. They went so fast and I didn't fuss a bit.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!