About Me

Where to start...

Well in order of importance I'm a wife and mother, a free spirit, an eco-enthusiast, an allergy free cook, an avid reader, and a sporadic blogger. I find balancing my many interests, hobbies and responsibilities to be something of a tightrope balancing act. Did I mention I work full time from home as an energy-efficiency consultant...guess that's a bit down the list compared to family! :)

I love exploring the "free" options out there for just about anything I need to do, from invoicing clients to creating time sheets or cookbooks. I find that there is almost always a way to get what you need affordably and I enjoy exploring that and sharing my new found knowledge.

About three years ago I made a small suggestion that changed my family's way of life. After years of watching my husband suffer through stomach issues, I suggested he try eliminating gluten from his diet. My husband is one of those freakish people that can decide to give up something and never look back. I had a much harder time saying goodbye to fluffy fresh bread and quick and easy pasta meals, but for the good of the team I gave it a shot. For a while I made two meals each night. His and Hers, good and bland, gluten free and regular, but that got old and the dishes piled up. Now our whole family eats gluten free, corn free, egg free and mostly dairy free. It's not always easy but I enjoy a challenge!

Blogs were a lifesaver for me when we first trod this path and I'm paying it forward by sharing the knowledge I've gained and the recipes I've created. I hope it benefits others the way it benefited me.