Saturday, September 27, 2008

One to Two, A Year in Review

So right now Mommy and Daddy have "flown away" to Canada. To keep busy I'm partying all night with Noni and Pa, doing some major shopping with Noni, Aunt Christine and Bis Nana and just generally having fun.  Before she left Mom finished my two year annual photo album and wanted to share.  Click this link to take a peek.

Lately I've been a bit of a drama king (mom keeps threatening to film and post it) and am definitely taking the "Terribly Trying Twos" to heart. I'm doing great in school though. My new teacher is Ms. Paine who I love taking flowers that I pick myself to.  Most of my friends from my old class are in my new one, plus a few new guys too. Mom's a homeroom mom so she pops in now and again and we're learning all kinds of new stuff. Plus we get to play on the big playground! YEAH. I love the playground and slides, and pretty much anything outside that keeps me running.

Mom is constantly chuckling at some of the things I do like say Okidokey, sticking out my bottom lip, throwing myself on the floor to cry but peaking up to see if it's working, and the thing that made her laugh so hard she cried...locking myself in the laundry room with the dog's gate so I could eat in peace. Man did she laugh forever. Ever day when it's time for the dogs to eat mom or dad puts them in the laundry room and shuts the baby gate so I can't go love on them and they can eat in peace. But when I get to eat (Cheerios mixed with goldfish if I get my way) they run around after me trying to get my food. I yell "No princess, no brinna, my cheerio fishies" but they just keep coming. So finally I had enough and decided that I would go where they couldn't. I went in the laundry room, shut the baby gate, sat down and ate in peace, knowing they couldn't come and steal my food.

If you haven't been around lately I'm talking up a storm, complete sentences, and very nicely pronounced. I still tend to get a bit whiney if I don't get my immediate way but overall I'm a darn good little communicator.

Ok I gotta run and go keep Noni and Pa in line but I wanted to update everyone on who's really running things while Mom and Dad are away.

My first vacation without the kiddo

So far everything is going okay. I haven't gotten to talk to Alex much at all since we have been here and that has been particularly hard.  I'm such a control freak (and perfectly okay with that) that it has been very frustrating not being on a good schedule and talking to him daily. Other than a rough first night, for both him and me, everything does seem to be going well though.

Yesterday I spent sightseeing around Vancouver (pics to come soon) and saw the beautiful Stanley Park, a few national landmarks, some local shopping and even managed to stumble across a tent sale, which was fun even though I left empty handed. In the afternoon I treated myself to an hour and a half long high tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, which was just amazing. If we are ever blessed with a daughter I think that will be the perfect mom and daughter birthday ritual.

Today Eric is finishing up classes in the morning and then we will sight see together this afternoon. We plan to hit up the suspension bridge and a few other gorgeous photo opps.  I'm still working on bettering my photography since I can't ever seem to take the shot I see, but even I'm seeing small improvements.

Tomorrow it's back to Seattle and Eric is off home while I spend one more day here with family and friends. I'll fly back Monday and join life as we know it then.

We are still trying to sell our house and buy a new one, but over the last few days that too has gone south since the seller of the house we love is a non negotiating little pinhead who won't negotiate at all and refuses to lower his house to the value it appraises for.  Since that is no longer assured watch the open houses we are having this weekend bring in an offer for ours. LOL

Ok off to play in Vancouver.