Monday, February 19, 2007

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

So I learned how to do the coolest new thing. I just blow and blow and bubbles and spit and sometimes food go flying everywhere. To fun! And boy should you see Mom scramble to clean it up!

Friday, February 16, 2007


So I have GERD, gastroentero reflux disorder. Not terribly uncommon, but none of the common medicines seem to work for me. I was on Prevacid since the big 2, 2 months, and was doing well but around Christmas all of a sudden it went away completely and then two weeks later came back worse than ever. Now nothing seems to be working and poor Mama and Daddy, cause I just cry all the time. If I am feeling okay then the house is filled with me spitting, laughing, and talking, but all that can change in an instant to inconsolable screams that I don't even want to hear. I know it upsets Mama cause I cry for her and she isn't able to do a thing. Dr. Tarrant, who is so pretty and nice to me, is trying Zantac on me now. The first day was perfect. I got to sleep a lot cause I felt so good, and when I was awake I played with all my toys and even got around to trying to crawl, but today things seem to be back to normal so let the crying and screaming commence. It's true that the smallest person in the house rules and if I am not happy, no one's gonna be happy. I sure hope this medicine starts to work and I feel better soon. Say a prayer for me that the evil GERD goes away forever.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Where's All the Presents

A Post from Alex's Point of View:

So today is the big 6...6 whole months. Boy do I feel old, and the time has really flown. Seems like yesterday that was still trying to sit up, and make these darn fingers grab stuff. Oh, wait that was yesterday!

Well I guess I can't be to hard on myself, I sure have come a long way. I am proud to say that I can now sit, all by myself, pick up my toys, I can almost get a hold of my food before Mom (or Mama as I am now saying) gets it out of my reach.

We went out to dinner tonight and Mom splurged and got a big ole' piece of chocoalte cake. My eyes got huge and I lunged for it, but Daddy caught me and I didn't quite make it. I kept on trying but no luck. What kind of half birthday is this if people are gonna eat cake right in front of me and not share!

I even have teeth now to eat it with. Two whole teeth and another one on the way that will be here soon.

Oh well, guess I'll call it a night and head to bed since I am getting sooooo sleepy.