Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rock the Vote and Get House Hunting

I voted yesterday...whohoo. So the election hype and drama is over for me, at least until they announce the winner. I am however, anxiously awaiting Election Day to come and go so that the real estate market can pick back up again. Everyone I talk to from lenders to my favorite trusted Realtor has told me that the market just generally comes to a standstill before the election. I trust my Realtor so we're just playing the waiting game. But boy does it stink when you have a house for sale.

Other houses have popped up for sale in our neighborhood, and like any interested party we either checked them out online or dropped by and I'm pleased to say that ours is definitely a strong competitor, possibly even a front runner. The other houses have laminate and we have tile, some have semi open floor plans, we have a true open floor plan, they have carpet, we have new laminate floors, etc. So all we can think is Come On Future Homeowner...:) Come see our old house and fall in love with it. I really do want it to go to a great family. We put so much time and effort into it that I feel invested in wanting a good family for it.

Ok, I just spotted my son making off with a Sam's Club size box of goldfish for his breakfast so I'll have to run and finish this later.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Voted!

So all week long we have worked hard learning the campaign slogans, making posters to help our candidates out, and preparing speeches for the rally that was held today. Seems like a lot of work for little toddler politicos, but at the end of the day we were all excited when our candidate stood out from the crowd. Mommy helped me by bringing in lots of handouts for our cause (as did some of the other kiddos moms), and we were all pumped up on sugar when the afternoon rally rolled around yesterday.

Now the rest of you crazy grownups might be worrying about things like bonds, and financial markets, but that's not what concerns our generation. We're concerned with big governement, since too many authority figures reduces the everyday toddler's ability to wheedle additional cookies.  Other issues encountered during the rally were who governs sugar content, who regulates the ingredients that go into snacks that toddlers get to eat, and other issues like foreign relations (imported cookies are sooo yummy).  Cookie control is a frequently debated issue since some children have cookies at home and need to know the dangers of sneaking them when Mom and Dad aren't watching. Our campaign is based on awareness...toddlers should know the dangers of eating cookies without permission or being monitored by a responsible older sibling.  The concept of Free Trade also came up during debates, and we are willing to work on a non-partisan blue ribbon commission to encourage Free Trade of lunch room cookies but will expect other parties to step up and join us in this endeavor.

After our rally yesterday we gathered around and cast our votes, which are being tabulated as we speak. Check back soon to see if your favorite cookie was elected and will rule the school for the next four years.

Sponsored by the Brown Ponies in support of Animal Cookies.  We're committed to bringing the very best to our classmates.

We're Number 1, E-I-E-I-O.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Moved In

So we bought a new house before we sold our old one...YIKES in the current market! We've been distracted for the last few days as we moved into our new house and got settled but now that we are Eric and I are both beginning to feel the push to stop strangers on the street and ask if their in the market for a new home! :)

It's a beautiful home, well taken care of, and we could have been very happy there for years if the tempting home down the street that had everything we wanted to eventually do to ours and then some had not popped up. And then the darn financial market began spiraling downhill and it became a smart, cost-effective move to make. So we jumped on the opportunity, took a leap of blind faith and hoped that ours would sell in a timely manner.

We've had a good bit of traffic, gotten some comments back and made some updates (more neutral paint...should have known, huh?) and yet still no offers.

Now starts the rambling and our house under-priced? Are the wrong people coming to look at it since we priced it low to sell quick? Then a neighbor's house (a nice house but of course I think mine is nicer :)) comes on the market and it's priced almost $4000 more than ours. Makes me want to pretend to be buying and go snoop the house!

When we thought the house we were buying was a sinking ship (the first, second and third times we signed termination of contract papers) we nicknamed it the Titanic. It's something of a misnomer now since it has sailed safely into port and we are happy and settled but the icebergs keep on floating by as we are anxiously awaiting an offer on our house for sale.

Do you know someone looking for a new home in Austin??? Our previous Well's Branch home is for sale. Visit the listing here:

Motivated Sellers! One of the best homes in Wells Branch! With new neutral paint and laminate wood floors, this house is move-in ready.The soaring ceilings, spacious layout, roomy kitchen, and large backyard with patio are great for entertaining while the large master suite is the perfect place to rest and relax. Wonderful bonuses such as surround sound speakers, quality stainless steel appliances, and a lush lawn with vegetable garden make this home a complete package! Plus its in Round Rock ISD!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Houses used to be named to represent what they stood for to their owners. The dream of owning a home, the work that it took to get there all culminated in the few words that forevermore the home site was known by. These days with neighborhoods full of similar plans, elevations and landscaping we no longer do this. Our recent adventure in real estate was a roller coaster ride of emotions, craziness, mishaps and comedy, and I'm bringing back tradition. Our house has earned a name...The Titanic.

A little background...
We live in a typical, average, truly lovely part of Austin, the Wells Branch area. We are surrounded by hike and bike trails, swimming pools, soccer fields and quirky neighbors. Eighteen months ago we bought a great two story, grey brick house with too many tall bushes in front, and a great room that knocks your socks off.

That transaction was also convoluted and riddled with last minute interest rate changes (had our lender never heard of locking a rate?), but that's another story for another time! The house we bought was a basic in good condition but had none of the upgrades we were hoping for. So we bought it, buckled down and spent the last eighteen months doing one project at a time. It kept us hopping but eventually we were ready for a break (did I mention we have a toddler too J), and a house where weekends were spent playing in the backyard and not laying wood floors, or installing new appliances.

So we started searching for a home with all the upgrades we had in mind in our same neighborhood, and four months later the Titanic sailed into view!