Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pregnancy Brain Strikes...

Ok we all do stupid things at times...when pregnant with Alex I put the milk in the pantry and my cell phone in the fridge, and blamed pregnancy for my absentmindedness. Thank goodness Eric wasn't far behind me and fixed everything :). So far this pregnancy I have yet to do anything truly blog worthy until today.

I met our Realtor, the wonderful Kristin Castillo, at the house for sale for a quick meeting, to snap a few updated pictures of all the new features and to put out two air fresheners. Sounds easy right...well it should have been.

Instead after we had dropped all our stuff off in the kitchen, I assembled the air freshener (one of those nifty new ones that sprays every half hour or so) and walked out to the garage to set it up. As I walked through the door I jiggled the handle and it felt locked, so I flipped the lock, to make sure we could get back in and then shut the door and set up the air freshner...surely you see where this is going. Instead of unlocking the door, I locked it.

So we opened the garage and walked to the front door which Kristin had left unlocked when she went in like all good Realtors do. Well I'm so well trained to lock doors behind me that I had locked that one as I followed her in. So now we're standing outside the house with no purses, no cell phones, no house keys trying to figure out what to do. Luckily she had her car keys and with the gas light on empty in her car we drove to our current house which is luckily close by. We could have driven to my inlaws to get a key but with no wallets there was no way to get enough gas for the car to leave the neighborhood. Even I realized that stranded by the side of the road was worse that stranded at a house with air conditioning.

Once at our current house (thank goodness the garage door panel let me in) I dialed the only number I know by heart anymore, my husbands (since all other numbers are handily stored in my cellphone which was inaccessible) and asked him to help me out. He made a few calls to my Father in law, which went to voice-mail (he has the only other key) and finally with time running short to pick Alex up from school, Eric had to leave work to come home and let me into the house.

I do believe this tops the phone in the fridge and milk in the pantry...

27 weeks tomorrow

This pregnancy is flying by! I'm so excited about the upcoming "sprinkle" (a mini shower...get it! :)), getting ready for our little girl and getting Eric in pink mode after 3 years of blue.

A quick pregnancy update for those who've been asking. I'm doing pretty good, but have had a few high blood pressure readings so they are watching that closely (next appt tomorrow). I'm still having all day long, never ending, yeah right first trimester only my rear end sickness. This has led to a few unfortunate episodes in public, once again making more thankful than I can ever say that I telecommute! I recently adopted Eric's gluten free diet and am happy to say that has kept the pregnancy weight gain to a minimum, safe level since it was out of control with Alex. Alex is super excited, wants to know when Olivia is going to be here and if she is going to arrive ready to go ride bikes with him.

Alex is doing great, although we are having daily meltdowns over next to nothing. Today has been a great day with no volcano like eruptions so I was not surprised at all to find that he actually napped today. Although as I type this he's going into whiny toddler who needs a nap mode. It really stinks that by the time his neighborhood friends are home to play he's not in any condition to be a good friend since 5-7 is the witching hour in our house. On a good note though he is sleeping through the night much better. So good in fact that when we wake him up at 10 to go potty he generally falls back asleep on the toilet. One of these days I'm going to get a good video of his "sleep talking" during this. :)

I am really looking forward this upcoming weekend. It's hard to believe it will be our 5 year anniversary. :) Now if only I knew what to get Eric to celebrate!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Life Happens

Ever wonder where the time goes? It has been chaos central around here.

We are currently dealing with:

  • The ongoing drama of a Tyrant Toddler (I'm waiting for a publisher to offer me a life of easy with a huge advance to chronicle my journey trying to parent this crazy tyrant :))
  • The exhaustion that hasn't quite gone away this whole pregnancy
  • The morning sickness that made an uninvited return after only a month on vacation
  • The daily drama of meal planning and keeping our household running...why oh why does that take so much work???
  • Scheduling showings and keeping our other house ready for a buyer to swoop in any minute and take it off our hands
Add that to a full time job, a husband that travels and the general day to day stuff that comes out of nowhere and time just flies right by.

I can hardly believe that we're already 6 and a half months along with baby number 2. We can't wait to meet our baby girl and I'm so glad I can take a few solid months off to spend some time with her and Alex. These moments are so precious and they fly by so quickly!

It's a gorgeous day outside and Alex is "helping" aka telling Eric how to clean out the garage. I've had more laughs from him lately. We are really clear on the kind of language he should use and "Oh my God" is not something you hear in our household. Alex, however, doesn't hesitate to correct anyone who crosses his path if he hears those forbidden words. Add that to some gender confusion over boys with long hair, his general "by the book" attitude towards all rules and my kiddo is kind at heart but bossy to the core. It's going to be an interesting few years ahead.

Now off to figure out something yummy to make with Beef Cubed Steaks and then some fun in the sun...Thank you very much Daylight Savings Time!! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching Up

So it's been a crazy whirlwind for weeks and I have sorely neglected my blog and journaling. :( I have about 10 minutes before we have to dash off to my 25 week appointment so let's see what all I can catch up on.

Baby Watch: For those that haven't heard (so sorry Nicole, I forget sometimes the whole world isn't on Facebook) we're having a Girl! Her name will be Olivia Faith and my sister has already nicknamed her Little Liv which seems to be sticking. :) Alex is so cute about the baby and is asking the funniest questions like how the baby will get here, if she can see him and why she kicks me. I would have loved to have kids closer in age but I wouldn't trade these precious moments for anything. :)

Gluten Free: In an effort to streamline our grocery shopping and make cooking easier :) I've decided to try gluten free with Eric. So far so good although I have to admit I'm not above a cheat day for a really good Chocolate cake.

Speaking of chocolate cake, check this baby out! I had a blast recently at two cousins baby showers and had fun making all kinds of cakes, decorations, favors, etc. Probably my favorite piece of the bunch was the bumblebee chocolate cake I made for my new Cuz in law's shower! :)

There's lots more to come, the gorgeous corsages my sister made for the shower (Love having a floral designer in the family!), crazy telecommuting work stuff and updates on my tyrant toddler but my ten minutes are up and we're out the door! :)