Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Fireman's Real Job

Alex was in fine form last night and was having a blast rough housing with Eric. At one point he got frustrated with Eric pinning him and told us he was going to call the police. Of course I grabbed the camcorder! :) (password to view it is alex)

Dad's Fired! from Traci Synatschk on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gluten Free Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

Just saw a yummy GF chicken-broccoli-rice casserole and decided to try it out! Stay tuned for results :). Here's a link to the recipe!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If you need it, build it! :)

We have "market days" coming up at Alex's school and we needed to create a "farmer's market" style stall for the kiddos. We have a table and are going all out on the table cloth but I wanted a neat attention getting sign, so I called my Dad, asked his advice and headed off to the nearest Lowes.

On Dad's recommendation I got PVC pipe, connectors and end caps, came home, measured, sawed and voila...$11 and 15 minutes later I had the frame for my sign for this and many future projects.

Here is a quick do it yourself, step-by-step tutorial!

Assemble your items. I had the saw, tape measure and sharpie already, but everything else here cost $10.24. That and a little time and we have a very multifunction piece that should work for the preschool for a while!

Measure your PVC pipe and mark the height and width you want your stand to be. I did 7 feet high and 7 feet wide, so I cut all three pieces of my PVC pipe to seven feet.

Use a hack saw and cut the PVC pipe at your measured marks. The PVC pipe cuts easily, just be sure your cut ends go into the connectors so you don't scratch yourself.

Get your connectors ready. From here on out it's like putting legos together!

Use your short brace pieces and connect them to the sides of your T connector. The top of the T will hold your tall stand pieces.

Add your elbow connectors to connect your side and top pieces:

Alex helped put the finishing touches on. Here he is adding end caps to our stand:

The finished product! We're going to wrap it in brown crepe paper to make trees and decorate it with fall leaves, and hang a Shoreline Market Days banner across it, pictures coming soon!