Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Madness

Yeah around here that would generally just refer to basketball, but there has been so much going on that it really has just been a crazy month. Late in February Mom and I took a trip to Midland, then when we got back I raided mom's stuff and took a trip back into the 80s by myself. I also went with Mom for the Texas primary and voted. Mom picked the candidates and I hit the button. This was also the month that I discovered basketball. Check out the slide show below to see me in action. Mom also got my water table set up outside and I had a blast playing in that until the bees discovered it and took over. Dad's taking care of them today! And in case you haven't been around me lately and heard, I LOVE trucks. I get so excited in the car or anytime I see one, so when we were at Chick Fil A last weekend I wanted to go and sit at the back on the restraunt on the corner and watch all the trucks go through the drive thru. This just cracked Mom up and she took a ton of pictures. For some reason Pa gave me money to do this, but I dropped it cause the trucks are more fun. Boy you should have seen Dad scramble to catch the money flying away! I also finally agreed to sit still long enough for Mom to take Grampy some pictures of the great Cowboys jumpsuit he got me. She finally caught me watching sports and snapped a few. Here's a bunch of pictures from this month.



Today I have been pretty cranky since my last few teeth are taking their sweet time to come in, but right after refusing lunch Mom and Dad decided to distract me with some Easter Egg decorating. Although a bunch of them ended up cracked (I do like to throw anything remotely round), I had a good time.


One Seriously Jammin Dude

This will be quick since its Easter Eve and we are off shortly to church but I wanted to get it down before I forgot.  Thursday Alex stayed with his Noni and Pa all day while I got some work done.  Then Eric and I enjoyed a very rare evening out alone...whoohoo date night. We went to Outback and then on to the dollar movie to see Enchanted.  I loved it but the fun was just beginning. We headed off to my inlaws to pick Alex up and he was dead asleep. We put him in the car and he began to stir so we quickly turned on the nursery rhyming music that has the amazing ability to put him to sleep or calm him right down depending on the time of day.  Well Alex with his eyes barely open begins jamming, bobbing and dancing in the carseat to the music.  Eric and I were dying laughing.  We got him buckled in and started towards home (all of 2 miles away) and when I looked back and checked on him he was sound asleep.  Then I heard something, looked again and he was dancing in his sleep.  Memories like that make the cranky, screaming, teething days all worth it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Better Get Ready

Spring is almost here. I just finished helping Dad rake the leaves that finally fell at the beginning of February and now here it is the beginning of March and spring is almost here. I have spent most of the month outside playing in the gorgeous weather and learning the art of basketball. Noni even taught me how to dribble and shout 2 POINTS all the time. Here are some recent pictures!