Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Short Lived Career as a Stunt Man

So last night mom set up a little play area for me on the floor (see my video below) and I had a blast jumping around and wearing myself out. Then this morning I attempted a backwards somersault off the couch and landed on my head on the hard wood floors. You would have thought I broke my neck the way mom carried on. (Mom says she did think I broke my neck) Now I am not allowed on the couch at all, and she's being super strict. Guess next time I'll have to do it when she's not looking!



Alex loves to eat...anything and everything, as long as it can be chewed and swallowed.  I'm definitely not complaining since I know there are tons of parents out there that wish their children weren't so picky, but Alex's obsession with food and string cheese specifically led to a funny moment the other day that I am sure we will bring up anytime he needs to be humbled in his teenage years.

SPOILER WARNING: This story contains feminine references that might make the male species read no farther if you can't handle comments about "that time of the month."

So it's that time of the month that makes every woman so happy she's female (yes sarcasm :)) and Alex spotted me heading to the restroom with a tampon.  Normally he just waves bye bye as I pass but today his eye was caught by CHEESE.  As I passed him he spotted the tampon and it's similar size and shape to his favorite string cheese snack, and as I'm sure you see coming, he began yelling CHEESE, Me Want CHEESE at the top of his lungs. I laughed off and on for the rest of the day!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Watch Out

I finally figured out how to work the pedals on my Jeep, but I haven't figured out the steering so you better clear out of the way. Check out my adventures this afternoon. Sorry about the video quality but mom had to take this with the webcam since I lost the cable for the camcorder and she hasn't found it yet!



And here's some more


Mom got some good pictures too so check back soon for those!


Here they are...












Where are my Keys?

Like most people I have to occasionally search for my keys. They could be in my purse, a pocket of a previous outfit, the drawer where they are supposed to be, or any one of a dozen other places.  However the rules of this game changed completely when Noni and Pa gave Alex a Cozy Coupe for Christmas.  The Cozy Coupe is a fisher price red and yellow car that is supposed to be powered Flinstone style, although Alex prefers Mom or Dad horsepower.  It has a horn, a small storage/trunk space and a big blue key and key slot.  Alex is incredibly observant and is so cute mimicking everything we do, right down to needing chees (Keys) to drive his car.  Seriously the kiddo won't even open the door to his coupe without first running to Mom, Dad or the key drawer and shouting for keys.  Then keys in hand he'll get in, take out the fake key and insert the lovely real jingly ones and away he goes.  Add it to the list of places I now need to check when searching for my keys! 

Another of Alex's latest accomplishments is belly blowing.  That crazy disgusting act of someone blowing on your belly, than never fails to make you laugh.  After months of us cracking Alex up by blowing on his, Eric pinned me down and showed Alex how to tickle Mommy not long ago.  Today Alex decided to see if it was as funny to blow on my belly as I find blowing on his.  It was so funny to see him try and boy oh boy was he proud of himself.

Mr Mimic is talking up a storm, doing everything we do, and advancing/learning by leaps and bounds.  In the last few weeks he has said his first full sentence (There he is, in response to Eric's "Where's Alex?"), learned how to get out into the garage (I found him trying to climb into his jeep), Saying the names of all his favorite little Einsteins characters, trying out new words like Meatloaf, and lip syncing to his favorite Little People tunes.  He loves being outside, hearing and pointing at the planes and driving his Jeep, which he has now mastered the art of.  He plays hard, sleeps some, and truly is a joy to be around.

Eric is still traveling quite a bit and will be for awhile.  That's okay with me when I hear that crazy employee's wives are driving their cars through the glass building he works in and crashing the break area.  He's safer in Tampa!

I'm busy with all my various endeavors, and will be especially focusing the next 7 weeks on jump starting my weight-loss plans for the year with the Curves Challenge.  I'm working out 4 times a week, doing a low carb plan, and generally making my house to healthy for any friends or family's peace of mind.  I'm also in full organizing mode and will be attacking closets over the next few weeks and checking out sites like

Monday, January 7, 2008

Cheerios and Milk

This morning Alex progressed to real cereal. Boy was he excited when he saw me pour the milk in the cheerios!  Kind of funny that we are regressing back to spoon feeding him but I just wasn't ready to have to mop up the whole kitchen again! :)

Speaking of mopping I got the mother of all deals yesterday.  While working out at Curves I mentioned that I wanted a steam mop to truly clean our floors since Alex considers the whole wide world a plate.  One of the ladies working out told me she had seen them on sale at Kohl's, so as soon as I finished my lovely 30 minutes I grabbed Alex and headed that way.  It's a good thing I did too since I got the last one on the shelf, and even better got it for 40% off the retail price.  Our entire downstairs is laminates or tile and this wonderful mop made short work of the entire thing.  This evening I'm trying it on the carpet. I love it and anyone looking for a great mop should check it out. 

Yesterday we met another neighbor and I am really happy to say that this family has twin boys around Alex's age and is super sweet.  The mom and I have careers that can help each other out, the boys all played great together and it is so nice to have friendly faces on our street.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Clocking Out

First day back at work went okay!  I did good on the food I ate, whohoo!, and best of all Eric is taking me out to dinner and a movie. I finally get to see National Treasure 2.  I'm excited!!! Since Alex was born I think we have been to the movies and dinner alone 2 times.  Bring on the diet food and entertaiment! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Short and Sweet

It's finally caught up with me. I was able to hang past midnight most of our vacation but I have been yawning since Alex went down at 7:30 tonight.  It really cracked me up how defensive I was with the few friends silly enough to sound surprised at my ability to hang in there and watch the ball drop.  From the consummate party girl in college to the sleep deprived parent of a toddler, I have gone a long way in a short time.  It wasn't long ago that 9:30 on a Wednesday meant it was time to head to Scruffy's for some hilarious Karaoke.  There's days when I miss that life, and then there's days like today when my bed looks better than anything else.

I got my Curves workout in this morning, and some extra crunches a few different times today.  I even managed to talk myself into 3 push-ups!  I was motivated by the freaking crazy funny commercial that Yo-plait is running right now with the husband who is scouring the fridge for the desserts he hears his wife mentioning.  Looks like I might have to grab some Boston Creme Pie yogurt next time I'm out!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Day

2008 is here and I want to remember it is as my year of organization.  Although we keep a clean house, there is still a crazy toddler, two dogs and two busy parents that daily clutter up our house.  I want to spend January really getting everything in a designated place that is easier to maintain. 

Today Alex had his first New Year's Day meal.  He at Corned Beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, cabbage and black eyed peas...mmmm.  By far his favorite was the meat.  I got half the Christmas decorations down and will finish up tomorrow, but it was kind of sad as all the holiday charm is being packed away.

I got our Thank you cards ordered today and will hopefully have those out next week.  I really enjoyed hosting Christmas and hope that in the future we can surround ourselves with even more family than we have this year. I made so much food that we are just now getting down the end of the leftovers and it was so nice not to have to cook over the holidays. 

Ok off to get a good night's sleep and then tomorrow I have my last day of freedom! Here's to a great 2008 for everyone.