Monday, January 7, 2008

Cheerios and Milk

This morning Alex progressed to real cereal. Boy was he excited when he saw me pour the milk in the cheerios!  Kind of funny that we are regressing back to spoon feeding him but I just wasn't ready to have to mop up the whole kitchen again! :)

Speaking of mopping I got the mother of all deals yesterday.  While working out at Curves I mentioned that I wanted a steam mop to truly clean our floors since Alex considers the whole wide world a plate.  One of the ladies working out told me she had seen them on sale at Kohl's, so as soon as I finished my lovely 30 minutes I grabbed Alex and headed that way.  It's a good thing I did too since I got the last one on the shelf, and even better got it for 40% off the retail price.  Our entire downstairs is laminates or tile and this wonderful mop made short work of the entire thing.  This evening I'm trying it on the carpet. I love it and anyone looking for a great mop should check it out. 

Yesterday we met another neighbor and I am really happy to say that this family has twin boys around Alex's age and is super sweet.  The mom and I have careers that can help each other out, the boys all played great together and it is so nice to have friendly faces on our street.

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