Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Houses used to be named to represent what they stood for to their owners. The dream of owning a home, the work that it took to get there all culminated in the few words that forevermore the home site was known by. These days with neighborhoods full of similar plans, elevations and landscaping we no longer do this. Our recent adventure in real estate was a roller coaster ride of emotions, craziness, mishaps and comedy, and I'm bringing back tradition. Our house has earned a name...The Titanic.

A little background...
We live in a typical, average, truly lovely part of Austin, the Wells Branch area. We are surrounded by hike and bike trails, swimming pools, soccer fields and quirky neighbors. Eighteen months ago we bought a great two story, grey brick house with too many tall bushes in front, and a great room that knocks your socks off.

That transaction was also convoluted and riddled with last minute interest rate changes (had our lender never heard of locking a rate?), but that's another story for another time! The house we bought was a basic in good condition but had none of the upgrades we were hoping for. So we bought it, buckled down and spent the last eighteen months doing one project at a time. It kept us hopping but eventually we were ready for a break (did I mention we have a toddler too J), and a house where weekends were spent playing in the backyard and not laying wood floors, or installing new appliances.

So we started searching for a home with all the upgrades we had in mind in our same neighborhood, and four months later the Titanic sailed into view!

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