Monday, January 12, 2009

Telecommuting Tightrope

It's review time around my office and that always leads to a few worrisome days. Will my boss and co-workers, who rarely see me, have any grasp of how hard I have worked this year? Will they reflect that on a blind review spreadsheet that will be compiled to figure my raise and possible promotion?  A few stress filled days and then I realized that I was stressing for nothing. Those in power at my office (all males) are procrastinators through and through and while I should have had a nice review and discussion of my salary and future potential, it was, as always, held late. Matter of fact, it still hasn't been officially held, but this year's phone call and in person announcement of my salary increase and a verbal pat on the back is far better than last year's 2 line email. Hmmm, maybe by next year I'll actually be surprised, rather than checking my bank account, seeing the new amount and doing a little math to figure out if my "review" went well.

All in all it was a good year, I have little to work on, and am good to go continuing on as I am. This bodes well for my continued life as a telecommuter, which is great since after 2 years working from home I would probably go crazy back in an office environment.

~Telecommuting Tyrant

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Telesaur said...

The tighter the tightrope, the easier it is to walk across. Telework forces us to stay connected. It requires us to call, to IM, to blog, to email. And as a result, we are the ones who are most in touch. But we obviously can't assume it will happen for us.

I read another person's blog on a similar topic here:

Don't look down! Keep teleworking :-)

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