Monday, August 24, 2009

Alex is Starting School...

Ok Preschool, but still I have to drop him off, he has to take himself to the bathroom, he has lessons with weekly tests to see how he's doing...sounds like school to me!

Things seem to be changing so fast that days like today when I get a chance to step back and really look at what all has happened recently I'm just amazed.

A month after ordering it, Alex's new bedroom furniture is in, delivered, installed and finally incorporated in his room! I happened to stumble across the exact bedding I wanted for his room on clearance at Target today so Thank you very much Aunt Christine, Alex loves his birthday gift from you and Derek! See how wisely momma spends his gift cards! :)

Alex is super excited about the newly decorated bedroom.

Tomorrow's our first "First day of school photo!" How bittersweet!

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Mert said...

I love this bedding set!