Monday, March 9, 2009

Begone Germs, Go Haunt Another Household!

Good Grief!

I know this is the worst cold and flu season* in years. I know I should have gotten the whole family flu shots.** I know that the first year of school/daycare is a sickly year while kiddos "build" their immune system.***

My husband is blaming our new house, my son is just made he can't go back to school, and I'm going bonkers trying to keep both of them from driving me nutso! A cold I could deal with , the flu I did deal with but in the last few months Alex has had a chronic sinus infection, a CT Sinus Scan for that infection, Sinus surgery and his adenoids removed and then this week an unknown viral bug that sent his temp up to 103 scary degrees. Meanwhile during that same time Eric has caught the flu, a cold and currently has either a stomach virus or food poisoning. I'm pretty healthy and have gotten away with some wicked laryngitis, a massive sinus infection, and possibly the flu. As I said GOOD GRIEF!

Tomorrow Alex can finally go back to school and while Eric is sleeping this off upstairs I'm airing out the house. My luck and Murphy's Law**** says that this will blow out the current germs and out luck bring in some new ones.

*According to our pediatrician :)
**Not only do I hate shots, but the few times I have caved to pressure and gotten the flu shot were the only times I got the flu. I'll take my chances thank you!
***Don't get me started on my soapbox about this. For the record I am from the school of thought that kids have an immune system (we're born with one!) and frequent exposure to kids who don't belong at school due to sickness but are there anyways due to our screwed up work system that doesn't take kindly to parents being parents when their kids are sick tears that immune system down rapidly.

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MMTyler said...

I can't even imagine ... I think you must be making it sound a little less awful than it is, with Eric having stomach issues and Alex having the pain from the surgery. Stay strong, and grab the relaxation time whenever/wherever you can! -- Melissa