Monday, April 27, 2009

No Pudge Fudge and other faves

So my sister came to town for the weekend (she makes more waiting tables here in Austin than in her college town) and chaos ensued. Late Saturday night as we were heading off to bed screeching tires and slamming brakes made sure it was going to be another late night. Turns out a freaking drunk driver hit my sisters parked car and bounced into my neighbors driveway, barely missing his garage. There were cops, firefighters, lots of paperwork and in the midst of it the rain started coming down.

So what's a girl gonna do in that kind of stress...definitely time to turn to chocolate! So I introduced my sister to No Pudge Fudge Brownies :). If you have never tried them I highly recommend them. There is a flavor for everyone and the brilliant creator even added a single serving recipe that keeps me from eating the whole pan! All you need is the mix and lowfat vanilla yogurt. The yummy fudgey, one minute microwave goodness made the chaos all better until...

We woke up Sunday morning and Alex had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. BOOO! No dull moments around here!

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MMTyler said...

VERY sorry to hear about poor Alex! And the drunk driver! (Glad to hear about the brownies.)